Tariffs and Trade Disputes Hurting U.S. Meat Exports


Dan Halstrom, President and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, gave us an update on the status of U.S. beef and pork exports.  Beef exports had a solid first quarter, but pork exports haven’t fared as well due mostly to a 20 percent retaliatory duty on most pork entering Mexico.  Halstrom talked about the importance of a new bilateral trade deal with Japan, as well as the worldwide concern over African Swine Fever.


KSU Extension Specialist: Rain Delays Continue to Push Back Planting for many Producers.

KSU Extension Specialist, Crops & Soils, Stewart Duncan was the guest on 580 WIBW’s Ag Issues Program Wednesday morning.  Duncan talked about which areas across the state have had planting delays, and the decisions some producers are now facing due to those delays.  Duncan also talked about some of the diseases that are being found in wheat crops.

Planting Delays and China Trade


Darrell Holaday with Country Futures talked about the latest report on Planting progress.  As of Sunday, nearly 70 percent of the corn acres were not planted and time is beginning to run out.  He also talked about the latest development in the trade war with China.  There is some speculation the Chinese may put off any real trade agreement with the U.S. until after the 2020 presidential election in the hopes of getting a better deal.


Wet Weather and China Trade

Jim French, who farms near Partridge in Reno County, talked about wet weather during May and planting progress in his area.  He said most of his neighbors have completed planting, but many parts of the state are very wet and progress has been limited.  On the flip side, moisture and cooler temps have been good for the wheat crop. French also talked about the very serious situation with China and the impact on farm trade and farm prices.


Defining Beef’s Sustainability


Debbie Lyons Blythe, a Flint Hills rancher and a founding member of the U.S. Roundtable for Beef Sustainability, talked about the sustainability framework adopted by the in late April.  Blythe has worked retailers, packers, producers, veterinarians and others to help put the framework together, which will now serve as a roadmap for the industry to identify sustainable beef products.


Meteorologist Dan Holiday…Wet Conditions Will Continue Near Term

Meteorologist Dan Holiday joined the Ag Issues program on 580 WIBW Wednesday morning to discuss the recent rain developments across Kansas and the midwest.  Periods of rain continue to be in the near and extended forecast across much of Kansas.  Holiday updated some of the flood warnings, and talked about what areas in the midwest could see extended river flooding.  Holiday also talked about cooler temperatures that are forecast for a few days.