Kansas Native Gregg Doud Nominated for Chief Agricultural Negotiator


President Trump announced on Friday announced his intent to nominate individuals to key positions in his administration.

Included in the announcement was his nomination of Gregg Doud to be Chief Agricultural Negotiator, with the rank of Ambassador, U.S. Trade Representative.

Doud is the current President of the Commodity Markets Council, where he has served since 2013.  Prior to that, he was a senior Professional Staff member of the Senate Agriculture Committee for Senator Pat Roberts and Senator Thad Cochran.  While working for the Senate Agriculture Committee, Mr. Doud assisted in drafting the 2012 Senate Farm Bill, along with legislation regarding many other issues.

Mr. Doud also spent eight years as the Chief Economist for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.  He has also worked for the U.S. Wheat Associates and the World Perspectives firm.  Mr. Doud was raised on a farm near Mankato, Kansas.  He owns part of his family’s farm that is more 100 years old and operated by his parents.  Mr. Doud received a BS in Agriculture and a MS in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University.

Senator Roberts released a statement on Friday on Doud’s nomination.

Doud succeeds Darci Vetter, who held the USTR post under the Obama administration.


Source: whitehouse.gov