Kansas Trucking Company Collecting Donations For Wildfire Relief Efforts

Photo Courtesy of Dalebanks Angus Ranch


(By Ryan Ogle, wibwnewsnow.com)

The wildfires that scarred more than 700,000 acres in western and central Kanas are now under control, according to emergency management officials. And while the threat of further damage may all but over, the recovery process is just beginning for the farmers and ranchers whose land was laid to waste in the blaze.

A Westphalia, Kansas based trucking company is among the many private and individual entities across the state who have joined relief efforts.

Mitchell Highberger with Lazy H Trucking says the family-owned company is reaching out to anyone willing to donate to the cause.

“We’re trying to raise money to buy hay so we can take it out to the wildfire victims,” Highberger says. “We’re going to donate all the employee wages and trucking to get the hay out there; we’re just looking for donations to help pay for the product. We just want to help the common person.”

Highberger says Lazy H hauls feed and other resources to many producers in western Kansas affected by what became the largest wildfire in the state’s history. Given that relationship, Highberger knows first-hand how devastating a disaster like this can be to small farm businesses.

“For someone just starting off in the Ag business, one year can make or break you,” Highberger said. “I can only imagine what these guys are going to have to go through; whether they have to quit what they’re doing because they can’t afford to start over or if they have anything left at all.”

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