Unique Picturesque 130-Year-Old Flint Hills Bank Structure To Be Sold

One of the most unique architecture buildings in the Flint Hills is going on the auction block.

The Morris County State Bank was originally chartered at Council Grove in August, 1878, and operated in rented facilities until the new building was completed in 1887.

A story in the Council Grove Republican daily newspaper proclaimed the new bank “by far the handsomest and most substantial structure yet attempted in this city.”

Total cost of the building and ground at the corner of Main Street and Highway 177 in Council Grove was placed at $15,000.

In addition to the bank, the building had a barber shop in the basement, a land office and spaces for doctors and lawyers.

In 1900, the bank secured a national charter and the name was changed to Council Grove National Bank.

The three level building was entered in the National Register of Historic Places on June 3, 1976.

It served the bank until a fire in 1978. Then the main lobby was restored in 1979 to an appearance reminiscent of 1887.

The interior architecture exposes brick walls, detailed trim, and tall ceilings.

“All of the fixtures and personal property which include the cashier cage, bank safes and timer will be sold with the property auction Thursday evening, Aug. 3,” according to Lori Rogge of Gene Francis & Associates.

Details can be found at www.genefrancis.com, and by calling Rogge 785-556-7162.