VIDEO: Kansas Ag Network interview with Jenny Giles-Betschart on devastating wildfires


Kansas Ag Network’s Greg Akagi and Ryan Ogle with WIBW News Now/Kansas Information Network recently struck out to southwestern Kansas to speak with those affected by the largest wildfire in the state’s history. The video above in the first in a series of reports from the area.




Located in Clark County, Kansas, the Giles Ranch was left in ruins after the state’s largest wildfire scorched a considerable amount of the county and area around Clark County.

Jenny Giles-Betschart, a member of the Giles family who run the ranch, says her family’s home, along with those of her two sisters, were leveled in the fire. The ranch also lost several buildings, more than 30,000 acres of pasture and more than $1 million in livestock.

Despite the massive financial and personal loss, Giles-Betschart says the family was fortunate to escape with their lives as many on the ranch barely escaped with their lives.

The Kansas Agriculture Network and WIBW News Now went to the Giles Ranch in the days following the devastating inferno to visit with Giles-Betchart, who spoke candidly about the night a towering inferno swept across her property and the uphill road to recovery that lies ahead.


Video footage and editing by Ryan Ogle. Interview and additional footage by Greg Akagi.