Condition of Kansas Winter Wheat Crop Continues to go Down


The condition of the Kansas winter wheat crop continues on a downward trek.

According to National Agricultural Statistics Service, 51 percent of the wheat crop is rated in poor to very poor condition, down one point from last week, 34 percent fair and 15 percent good to excellent. 86 percent of the crop has jointed and 42 percent has headed, well behind 80 last year and 62 for the five-year average.

Fall planting is working ahead of schedule. 68 percent of the corn crop is planted, ahead of 58 last year and 63 for the average. 37 percent of the crop has emerged, ahead of 32 last year and near the 34 average.

31 percent of the state’s soybean crop has been planted, ahead of 14 last year and 13 average. Six percent of the crop has emerged, near four last year and two for the average.

Three percent of the sorghum crop has been planted, near two last year and equal to the average.

Topsoil moisture is rated 60 percent short to very short, up seven points from last week, and 40 percent adequate. Subsoil moisture is rated 62 percent short to very short, up a point from last week and 38 percent adequate.

The state’s pasture and range condition is rated 31 percent poor to very poor, 46 percent fair and 23 percent good to excellent.


Source: National Agricultural Statistics Service