Nearly Half of the Kansas Wheat Crop in Poor to Very Poor Condition

Photo courtesy of Romulo Lollato, K-State Extension Wheat and Forages Specialist.


The condition of the Kansas winter wheat continues to be in poor condition in almost half of the state.

The latest estimates, from National Ag Statistics, rates the crop at 46 percent poor to very poor, versus 44 last week, 42 percent fair and 12 percent good to excellent. Only 22 percent of the crop has jointed, versus 62 last year and 51 for the five-year average.

Six percent of the state’s corn crop has been planted, versus eight last year and 15 for the five-year average.  The areas of the state that made the most progress were in southeast Kansas, where 36 percent of the crop has been planted, and in central sections where 10 percent of the crop is now in the ground.

Topsoil moisture is rated 72 percent short to very short, versus 70 last week, and 28 percent adequate. Subsoil moisture is rated 70 percent short to very short, versus 71 last week and 30 percent adequate.