Market Analyst talks about Planting Progress, Weather and Possible New Aid Due to China Trade War

Market analyst Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities was the guest on 580 WIBW’s Ag Issues program on Wednesday.  Leffler discussed the planting progress for corn and soybeans, along with the recent impacts of very wet weather, which includes more wet conditions to come.  Leffler talked about how these recent conditions have resulted in higher overall trading for corn, wheat and soybeans, but reports of a new round of aid to farmers due to the China trade war is now limiting capping some of those gains.  He also discussed the possible impact of this Friday’s release of the Cattle on Feed report.


KSU Extension Specialist: Rain Delays Continue to Push Back Planting for many Producers.

KSU Extension Specialist, Crops & Soils, Stewart Duncan was the guest on 580 WIBW’s Ag Issues Program Wednesday morning.  Duncan talked about which areas across the state have had planting delays, and the decisions some producers are now facing due to those delays.  Duncan also talked about some of the diseases that are being found in wheat crops.

Meteorologist Dan Holiday…Wet Conditions Will Continue Near Term

Meteorologist Dan Holiday joined the Ag Issues program on 580 WIBW Wednesday morning to discuss the recent rain developments across Kansas and the midwest.  Periods of rain continue to be in the near and extended forecast across much of Kansas.  Holiday updated some of the flood warnings, and talked about what areas in the midwest could see extended river flooding.  Holiday also talked about cooler temperatures that are forecast for a few days.

Wheat Quality Council Hard Winter Wheat Tour Wraps Up

CEO of Kansas Wheat, Justin Gilpin joined 580 WIBW’s Ag Issues program to discuss the findings of the Wheat Quality Council Hard Winter Wheat Tour which wrapped up Thursday afternoon.  The three-day average yield for the fields that were calculated was 47.2 bushels an acre. While an estimated 7 million acres of wheat were planted in the fall, the Kansas wheat crop varies in condition based on planting date.

Business Roundtable Supports Passing USMCA

Business Roundtable recently released a study that included the number of U.S. and Kansas jobs that are supported international trade, and trade specifically with Canada and Mexico.  BR Vice President for Trade and International, Paul Delaney joined Friday’s Ag Issues program on 580 WIBW in Topeka to discuss the job and economic benefits of international trade to the U.S. and Kansas, and also talked about why Business Roundtable supports a United States – Mexico – Canada trade agreement.


Climatologist Mary Knapp Discusses Winter Storm Wesley, Soil Moisture Conditions

Climatologist Mary Knapp with the Weather Data Library at K-State’s Department of Agronomy joined the Ag Issues program on Thursday.  Knapp discussed some of the snowfall, temperatures, wind speeds and other impacts so far from winter storm Wesley.  Knapp also gave an update of the soil moisture conditions across Kansas, and provided a long-term weather outlook for the midwest.

Broadband Technical Assistance Workshop, April 16 & 17 in Junction City

(Rural business leaders like Mike Pauley of AgriTrails Coop in Hope, Kansas rely on modern high-speed e-Connectivity to keep the doors open. USDA photo by Preston Keres)

USDA State Director of Rural Development Lynne Hinrichsen was the guest on Thursday’s Ag Issues program on 580 WIBW.  Hinrichsen discussed the Rural cConnectivity Pilot Program (or ReConnect Program in which Congress has allowed up to $600,000,000 to expand broadband service to rural areas that are without sufficient broadband access.  Hinrichsen gave details of the program, and also talked about a technical assistance workshop that will be held in Junction City on April 16 and 17.  It will be one of only six of these workshops nationally.