Legal Expert: New IRS Tax Return Form 1040 Not Really Any Better for Farmers…Other Legal Topics

Washburn Law Professor Roger McEowen was the guest on Tuesday’s Ag Issues program on 580 WIBW.  McEowen shared his thoughts regarding the new “postcard size” IRS Tax Return Form 1040.  McEowen also talked about recent legal cases including:

No Minority Shareholder Oppression in Farm Case

Recreational Use Statute Applies to Fishing Activity

Apartment At Horse Facility Not Protected by Right-To-Farm Law

Horse Activity Had Profit Motive, But Was Passive

WIBW Radio/KAN Exclusive Online Ag Issues Podcast From China with Alan VanNahmen


This is an exclusive Ag Issues online podcast from China. It’s presented by Kansas Corn and sponsored by the Kansas Soybean Commission and Kansas Farm Bureau.

Alan VanNahmen, is a Spearville Kansas native is with the NAFB group that has been in China. He spoke with Greg Akagi as they were leaving Beijing for Xian. VanNahmen has had experience working in China and owns a company, Farm Buddy Co, and is working with a new project, Kopper Kutter.


China Video Update #2

Some of the younger hens at the CP Layer Farm


WIBW Radio/Kansas Ag Network Ag Director Greg Akagi and Kansas Corn CEO Greg Krissek are in China along with other NAFB farm broadcasters, ag organizations and business representatives. They’re learning more about working ag in China and the U.S. perspective on officials there working in China. Akagi spoke to Krissek Tuesday evening Beijing time.





China Video Update #1

U.S. Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad spoke the NAFB group, Monday morning in Beijing



Eight farm broadcasters have made their way to China along with several representatives from several ag organizations and others who have agriculture interests. Greg Akagi is one of the farm broadcasters on the trip and spoke with Greg Krissek the CEO of Kansas Corn.

The video updates are presented by Kansas Corn and also sponsored by the Kansas Soybean Commission and Kansas Farm Bureau.




WIBW Radio/KAN Podcast: Update on Kansas Wheat Harvest with KAWG President Ken Wood


Ken Wood, from Dickinson County, serves as President of the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers. He joined us on Wednesday’s Ag Issues program. Ken talked about how his harvest went this season and also looked at harvest across the state noting the speed of which it has come through Kansas. Wood also talked about the day-to-day unknown with regards to trade issues and how it affects wheat producers and the wheat market. He’s also hopeful that we’ll soon see votes in both the House and Senate on a new farm bill.


Climatologist Says We’re Close to Record Temps Now, But Not Necessarily an Indicator of Excessive Summer Temps.

Climatologist Mary Knapp was the guest on Thursday’s Ag Issues program on 580 WIBW.  Knapp discussed the implications that the recent rapid warmup may have on row crops.  Among other topics, Knapp also discussed moisture conditions in the state following recent heavy rains primarily in western Kansas.

National Farmers Union President Talks Farm Bill, EPA Issues and Trade Concerns

President of National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson was the guest on Tuesday’s Ag Issues program on 580 WIBW.  Roger discussed recent developments with the Farm Bill, ethics issues involving the EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and his actions regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard, and the ongoing trade tensions between the U.S., China, Mexico and Canada, as well as the European Union.